Orthodontics in Downey

Orthodontics is dedicated to providing proper alignment for the teeth and jaws. Common treatments to improve oral health include braces, retainers, and other dental appliances. If you want to look cool with a killer smile.
  1. The gum disease “Periodontitis” is a complication that arises from having crowded or misaligned teeth. Crowding makes the proper cleaning of your teeth difficult, bacteria is able to remain undisturbed within the gum line, between your teeth and gums for years, allowing bacteria to grow and increase causing swelling, redness, bleeding, infection and bone loss…which means tooth loss.
  1. ‍Crowded teeth contribute to the loosening of teeth due to the pressure of the teeth pushing against each other, also it’s easier for crowded teeth to break on each other with the stress of this pressure
  1. ‍An uneven bite and crowded teeth cause wear and tear on your teeth that cause discomfort and pain when chewing.
  1. ‍“Lock jaw” is another complication caused by the stress of an uneven bite When your teeth are crooked, and your bite is uneven, this causes stress on the joint of your jaw, the long-term effects are pain on these joints especially when you eat, and the wear and tear of the temporal mandibular joint (TMJ).

Straightening your teeth is the first step to avoiding these and other complications and Enjoy a Beautiful Smile!