Dental Implants in Downey

Dental implants have become the go-to treatment for missing teeth. Not only do they look and feel like natural teeth - they're also highly secure and generally last a lifetime! If you've got a gap in your pearly whites, you can trust dental implants to securely fit into your smile so that you won't have to fret about irritation or self-consciousness from shifting dentures anymore. Indeed, dental implants are the solution for permanent tooth replacement - no doubt about it!
Living with missing teeth affects your chewing and speech ability, but the most concerning complication, is the inevitable loss of other teeth, specifically the ones next to the open spaces.
Dental Implants look and feel like your own teeth. The Titanium root of the implant fuses with your bone and becomes a permanent part of your jaw just like a natural tooth. Without causing any unnecessary damage to the teeth or molars next to it.

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Dental Implants